Who is Danielle Elyse?

"This journey called 'life' can take you in many different directions. I've learned to strap on my seat belt and enjoy the ride!"
--Danielle Elyse

In addition to being a published author, Danielle Elyse works as a nationally certified sign language interpreter. She also owns an editing and proofreading business and is a voice-over talent.

Danielle Elyse earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Hampton University and a master’s degree in sign language interpretation from Gallaudet University. A lifelong learner, she is also a graduate of The Word and the Spirit Bible Training Center, the Columbia School of Broadcasting and Voice Coaches.

Danielle Elyse enjoys most sports, with bowling and volleyball as a couple of favorites. Other activities are public speaking, outdoor adventures, including skydiving and zip lining, and a love of traveling, to anywhere her

passport and airline ticket will take her.

When not on the go, Danielle Elyse can be found spending time with her family, volunteering with local organizations, reading or engaging in board games with family and friends.

Two items on Danielle Elyse's "bucket list" are to live in another country for a year and learn to communicate fluently in Spanish.

The mission of Danielle Elyse is to be a name you can rely on for  providing high-quality products and services and exemplary customer service.

Try her for yourself and see how you can shine brighter with Danielle Elyse.