I would like to give a special thank you to Danielle E. Ward, author of Warning Signs: What every woman should know - A dating guide. She has donated 10% of the sales from her book to The Still Standing Foundation's Survivor Start Up fund.

Thank you Danielle, for you your continued support! We appreciate you! -- Tamiko Lowry

Great book! -- Pastor Charlie M Carter Jr.

Warning Signs
I have read the book and would definitely recommend this book to my granddaughters, nieces and any single woman on the dating scene. -- Ida Rountree
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If you haven't purchased this book you need to! It's funny, real, and so practical for application! I'm proud of you, Danielle! I know exactly who I'm about to give a copy to! :-) -- Belicia Bradley Reaves

A woman's dating guide ~

Warning Signs is a must read for anyone looking for Mr. Right

Warning Signs provides information and advice of what to watch for while searching for Mr. Right. Danielle provides examples of behavior to pay attention to and what it may mean. She approaches dating questions with thoughtful experience of herself or people that she knows. Her advice is very candid and engaging.

Many times in life we are so desperate to find someone we overlook all the "Warning Signs" of what is sure to be a failed relationship. So instead of wasting time on someone who is not truly interested in you for who you are, learn from Danielle's advice and be strong enough to stand up and hold firm to your beliefs and convictions. -- Lisa Stefanski

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EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! If you haven't purchased Warning Signs, you are missing a treat. The book is very much on point in its illustrations and examples.

As a father, I would HIGHLY recommend this for all women to read and give to other women. The red light section is especially good, because as a man I can think of many situations in which a woman is vulnerable, and the book spells out very clearly how to handle those situations. All through the book the author gives you wise advice, that if heeded can help you avoid some bad situations.

Men can take from the book how to become involved in a good relationship, with the woman in whom they are interested. The book doesn't bash men at all.

This is one book you won't regret purchasing and reading over and over again.    

-- Lincoln J. Ward Jr.

Great job Danielle. What you are doing will make young women and women in general be more aware of who they are dating; in other words, it will make them THINK! It will cause them to investigate. My two college-age cousins enjoyed reading Warning Signs together; they thanked me for giving them a copy.

I pray that your book continues to succeed; it may save a life. -- M.C.

Great resource for Counseling professionals working in DV

As a therapist working with thousands of women recovering from domestic violence, I would definitely reference this as a resource for practical knowledge on how to set boundaries for a loving relationship. -- MarieK

Warning Signs is an enlightening extrospective on the dating landscape. Its range of topics can and should provoke real conversations for those in pursuit of fruitful, lasting relationships. Put simply, I recommend it. -- Shaun Miller

This book is a great read! Not only does it capture real-life dating situations, but it offers great advice on how to maneuver through them. This day and age we have to be aware and protective of our hearts and minds. I think this was a much-needed book. Thanks, Danielle! Great job!  -- Y.H.

Though I am a guy, I figured I'd take a peek behind the veil, so to speak, to see what this book was all about and the light it portrayed men in. Ironically, I found myself dipping through the pages remembering situations I experienced that matched perfectly with the scenarios as well.

This book captures in an easy-to-read format signs of good and bad relationships which we often deny and try to paint as something else. It shows the relationship as it truly is. It's a must-read for anybody in any relationship and especially those who may be in destructive ones.

Pick up a copy for yourself and one for someone else. I promise you won't regret it and neither will the person you help save from their detrimental other half.   

-- Duane Ward