Warning Signs: What every woman should know

   Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Are you being blinded by love?
     Do you find yourself dating the same type of man over and over again?

Warning Signs takes readers on a journey that explores the ups and downs of dating.
It empowers women as they realize dating doesn’t have to be a daunting experience.

From this book, readers will learn:

۵   How to avoid common dating traps
۵   To be more analytical when choosing a partner
۵   How to identify relationships by type
۵   What a healthy relationship looks like
۵   When to bring up the marriage question

 Wherever you are in the dating game, you will find yourself somewhere in these pages!

Warning Signs is Danielle Elyse's first book, published under the name Danielle E. Ward. The book was a long time in the making, beginning with collaboration with a college friend. From various dating debacles and stories shared by friends and family, she noticed common themes among the men they dated.

As a result, Danielle Elyse decided to write a book to help other women learn from past relationship mistakes and not have to bump their own heads. Her mission was to guide women through the pitfalls and successes of dating.

To readers, Danielle Elyse says, "Congratulations on embarking on your journey toward becoming your best self!"

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I Wish I Woulda Knew Me Back Then

Compiled by Danielle Green; Story contributed by Danielle Elyse (Ward)


We all have a story that could help, teach, encourage, uplift, and motivate. Have you ever had a circumstance in your life where you wish you could turn back the hands of time? Perhaps you want to go back and tell your younger self what you know now. Every story in I Wish I Woulda Knew Me Back Then served as a therapeutic experience for each writer as she revealed some of her deepest, darkest secrets, all in the name of making a difference in the lives of women everywhere.

Danielle Elyse's story, It's Just Hair, Right? chronicles her journey as she dealt with the highs and lows of defending various hairstyles while discovering her true value as an African American woman in today's society.