Danielle Elyse takes pride in being able to provide top-notch copy editing and proofreading services.

She has always enjoyed editing the work of those in her circle of family, friends and colleagues. In 2010, Danielle Elyse established Eagle Eye Editing and Proofreading Services.

Since that time, she has offered copy editing and proofreading services to those in the mental health, theological and other professional fields.

Danielle Elyse has also been contracted to edit inspirational books, masters- and doctoral-level assignments, a teen-related collaborative project, a magazine and anthologies.

Always one to give back, Danielle Elyse provides her copy editing skills to the volunteer-run, Pulitzer Prize-nominated magazine, East Village Magazine.


Which service do I need?
copy editing vs. proofreading

Is your work just about ready to submit to your publisher, professor or boss, but you need someone to make sure everything is in place? Then you need the services of a proofreader. A proofreader's job is to do that final review of your work and look for minor mistakes in spelling, punctuation, spacing, etc., before you hand it over. A proofreader does not correct content.

Perhaps you are satisfied with your work, but know it could stand someone coming behind you who ensures that not only your minor mistakes are corrected but who also looks at the finer points of your writing. This includes making certain your sentence structure is correct, the rules of singular and plural usage are adhered to, your style (capitalization, abbreviations, titles, citations, etc.) is consistent, and your bibliography, reference list or other notes are properly formatted. It also means noting places where permissions should be obtained for copyrighted material and cross-checking tables, figures and other features for accuracy (of the feature itself and how it lines up with referenced data in the writing). If this describes you, a copy editor will best suit your needs. A copy editor will not make major changes, but will fine tune your work and make your writing readable. This is the most basic type of copy editing.

If your work requires more intense scrutiny, you would benefit from a copy editor who does substantive line editing. In this instance, in addition to basic copy editing and proofreading, the editor would reword and restructure sentences, paragraphs and sections for clarity and reading ease. This type of editor would also check and correct facts, and make sure the tone is consistent throughout. The goal of substantive line editing is to help you refine your writing so your work is the best reflection of you. This will require more than one session of consultation with the editor.


While there is a general price range for certain types of editing and proofreading, it is best to see your writing in its entirety, or at least a sizable sample to best judge the amount of work required and to determine your rate. The list below will give you an idea of what costs to expect per page.*


Basic: $3-$5 per page

Scientific, medical: $4-$8 per page


Basic copy editing: $4-$8 per page

Substantive editing: $10-$25 per page

*A page contains up to 250 words
**At times, the work required for your writing may extend beyond our initial discussion and price quote, resulting in a fee increase. If that occurs, you will be alerted and we will renegotiate the terms at that time.


A free sample can be provided (number of pages dependent on total page count)


~A rush job has a 24-hour or less deadline or is needed earlier than the quoted turnaround time~