Good day Danielle, my experience working with you has been just overwhelming. I was overwhelmed with joy that someone thought my story was important. You took the time & patience to explain how changes/editing should be done.  And you made my story just as if it were yesterday. You are an amazing person & I applaud you. God willing, I look forward to working with you as well as with Danielle Green in the near future. May God continue to bless your life & the lives of those you inspire. Love, Veronica M. Rice

I have had the opportunity to work with Ms. Danielle Ward and the experience was an absolute pleasure. Her level of professionalism is surpassed by no other. She also has the unique ability to incorporate a human aspect that encouraged me, motivated me, and nurtured me on my literary journey. Without her level of care, knowledge and professionalism I would not have been able to fulfill my dream of being a second-time published author. Thank you so much Danielle Ward, for everything you've done. I am forever grateful. -- Danielle Green

Danielle's editing and proofreading are excellent. She has proofread the East Village Magazine and the East Village Magazine web site for five years.

Her attention to detail is outstanding.

We depend on Danielle to proofread the daily input to the web (10 or so stories a day) and the monthly magazine, the 37-year-old East Village Magazine.

We don't tolerate any violations of the AP Stylebook except for our long-established local style for either — and neither does she.

Danielle is the final editor of six professional editors who read East Village Magazine — the final editor for all copy — a copy editor rather than proofreader.

Her other works, her book, Warning Signs, and her contribution and editing of the anthology, I Wish I Woulda Knew Me Back Then, show her exceptional writing and editing skills.

Do you need an editor? Danielle is an excellent choice.

-- Editor Gary P. Custer

With the help of a friend, I came in contact with Danielle about four years ago. I needed someone to edit my scholarship research articles and her name was given to me. For over an 18-month period, via electronic media, Danielle edited my material like no other person ever had edited my writings. She was thorough, well-versed in professional editing format and standards, personable and timely. She impressed me so much that I finally requested a face-to-face meeting with her to finally be able to put a face to her work.

A few months after editing my last of 10 or so research articles, I hired Danielle to proofread and edit a book that high school students from my gifted learners program wrote. There were a total of 12 authors, all of which went on to attend college, including Ivy League universities. The book was a smashing success thanks to her outstanding services and ability to ensure first-class written communication.

Beyond her writing, communication skills and business mind, Danielle is a true blessing and special gift to us all. Her insight into the human soul, the importance of self-care and healthy relationships is tremendous. On a personal level I have found her to be a person of integrity and character. When she does something, she puts her all into it. She is a very warm and embracing person who leaves lasting impressions on others. Anyone that spends quality time with her, leaves her presence a better person. She has a way of filling others up.

-- Recco Santee Richardson, Ph.D., LPC
Author, Professor, Professional Counselor

Great service, quick turnaround, tremendously helpful, and you gave attention to details. I appreciate your professionalism and valuable insights. You gave prompt answers to all my questions, was always available, and returned the work BEFORE the agreed upon deadlines. Your level of service is second to none! -- Dr. L. R., HLTD 
Danielle is quiet with a soft smile — that was my warning sign. I needed an editor, but she was too gentle, too smooth. I wanted strong not soft! I gave her my manuscript anyway. She returned it. I became angry. The effect was piercing! Was my literary weakness so obvious? She was strong, soft, and gentle in her explanations. Had I panicked from the beginning and only seen the marks? Then, I read it without the marks. Danielle, you’re the best!
-- Charlie M Carter, Jr.
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Thank you, Danielle, for the final, and thank you so much for what you are doing for us. I can only imagine; this is not an easy task. Your understanding, professionalism and passion as you assist us is so appreciated. You are a Gem! I would consider myself amazingly blessed if I have the opportunity to work with you again.

-- Denise G. Hanney, CEO/Founder
The Spa Expectations Corporation
Expectations Mobile Spa & Women's Resource Service
"Expect The Best In Your Life"

I have had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Danielle Ward and as small as she may think it is, the meeting with her changed my life. Danielle Ward is an amazing woman, who has an awesome talent that will definitely reach the masses. It has been a true blessing and honor to have met a spectacular woman such as Danielle. Her professionalism as an editor on a project that I had the pleasure of being involved in, was phenomenal. She's very gifted at what she does, and to me, it's her passion, because she's very humble in her profession.
-- KeanaMonique

Kudos to Danielle for her superb editing skills! Having never written a book or even a chapter in a book, Danielle helped me organize my thoughts, check my facts and maintain my focus. Because of her warmth, love of what she does, and confidence in me, she made the experience more than worthwhile and the final product worthy of the many accolades I am receiving from those who have been blessed by my story. Thanks again, Danielle, for your assistance!! -- Diane Blake, co-author of Resilience: Living Life by Design, author of 52 Ways to Improve Your Life and speaker and writer on personal development and business

Danielle helped me to write with more passion while telling my story. I was able to express my experience clearly and concisely. -- Angeline Lawrence, author of "Overcoming Workplace Bullying" inResilience: Living Life by Design

A consummate professional. Danielle is a blessing as she knows how to message the information in a format that captures the audience but delivers the intent of your message. A tremendous asset to work with and a gifted editor. I would recommend Danielle to anyone desirous of publishing.

-- Val Robinson-Baker, author of "Blessings in Disguise" in Resilience: Living Life by Design

Danielle came highly recommended by a close friend and, being a stickler for excellence, that is why she was hired. After working with Danielle over the last year, I can attest to her editing and proofreading abilities. Not only did Danielle work hard behind the scenes providing her editing expertise, she also demonstrated patience and was approachable as she met with the collaborators of my anthology, most of whom were first-time writers. While maintaining a formal style, she ensured the natural voice of each author was retained. Danielle was fair, professional and offered constructive feedback with grace. I commend Danielle on a job well done and confidently endorse her editing services.

-- Dr. Deana Murphy, Author, Executive Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner

Thank you Danielle, we never would have made it without you. Your gentle focus combined with your technical ability made my chapter everything I hoped it would be. We are positioned to inspire women to do great things in their lives.

-- Gwen Webber-Mcleod, president and CEO of Gwen, Inc. and author of "Thriving Through a Season of Grief" in Resilience: Living Life by Design

Danielle: Tremendous thanks for blessing each of us with your PHENOMENAL EDITING EXPERTISE!!! You are truly fantastic to work with and I genuinely appreciate your support. #TeamResilience is very fortunate to have you on our team. You are truly an AMAZING EDITOR!

-- Mabel Jones-Hansford, author of "Bend but Don't Break" in Resilience: Living Life by Design, Certified Career Transformation Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur