Danielle Ward has not only played a significant role in my life as a mentor through Mott Community College's Interpreter Training Program, but also being a strong advocate toward accomplishing the same dreams as mine, as she is a graduate from Gallaudet University and an author.

Although I only know her as a mentor, it has always been clear to me that she advocates punctuality, neatness and professionalism strongly, as it is absolutely vital in the profession of being a successful interpreter. She is quiet and subtle, but the advice and feedback she gives us students is life-changing, and she holds the credentials all of us students desperately want to win.

She said something to me that really got me thinking when it comes to working as a team interpreter--my needs are not the same as my team's needs, and in a punctual and polite manner, I need to advocate for myself, and make sure my team interpreter is aware. During the time she has spent mentoring me, she has never been obtrusive; she led by example, and that has always been the kind of mentor I've needed in my life, because I followed suit. 

       I look back now on the strong woman I've become during my all of my college courses at MCC, from 2009-2014, and I'm overwhelmed with pride for my diligence, and strong work ethic. My road hasn't been paved one bit, and a lot of things have happened in my life that weren't fair, but I don't condone pity parties either.

Now that I look back, there might have been one thing Danielle told me, that out of stubbornness I ignored. My best friend, since from the time we were 15 until we were 22, had overdosed and passed away last year. Danielle suggested I take a break, and with tears steaming down my face, I will always remember that Danielle just took five minutes to reach out and see how I was handling my friends death. Although, I immediately thought to myself, "Nope, this girl has to work harder, I don't do breaks. This girl is a fighter." I think Danielle Ward is a fighter too.

-- Kaitlin Jane Ducham

Video Interpretation
"Iā€™m posting comments regarding my interpreter Danielle Ward. For the past three years, she has interpreted with me at the University of Michigan-Flint.
Her quality interpreting style is wonderful! Secondly, her competencies in interpreting from English to ASL are outstanding. In one word, flawless. I have never encountered a problem with her expressive interpreting abilities. She is an obvious example of proficiency in the field of English to ASL interpretation.
Personally, I have had opportunity to work with a plethora of interpreters but Danielle is good! For example, she has wonderful style and expression of the language. Her ability to transition between English and ASL is phenomenal!
Additionally, when Danielle asked me to provide comments from my observations of her work, I wholeheartedly agreed. Her mannerisms, professionalism, and interpersonal attitude have impressed me. She has a great rapport with everyone and is a team player with any fellow interpreter assigned. She has had a good impact on me!
Now, Danielle, for all of your good work in aiding my educational endeavors, I am so very appreciative. May you continue this good work throughout your future. Thank you.ā€
Joseph Mosley

Indian Hill Elementary School in Grand Blanc has used Danielle as an interpreter on several occasions. She is always on time, professional and caring with our families. She has made connections with families that have truly changed the way they view coming into the school building.

Part of my job is to schedule interpreting services when necessary for meetings, parent/teacher conferences, school parties and other school-based events. This is a task that oftentimes can be made difficult due to the fact that I often deal with independent contractors that may or may not be concerned with meeting the needs of both the school and the families involved.

Danielle takes all of the worry out of the entire process. She makes the scheduling process simple and we are confident once Danielle has agreed to interpret that there will be no issues.

Danielle has been so helpful to us here at Indian Hill Elementary that she is ALWAYS the first interpreter that we turn to when we are in need. Her professionalism, kindness and ability to connect with families is unmatched. We would highly recommend looking at Danielle for any of her many services.


Nick Thomas

Student Liaison Coordinator ā€“ Indian Hill Elementary

As I was finishing up my final semester of college, Danielle Ward allowed me to learn and grow beside her. Having her as a mentor impacted not only my schooling but the way I viewed things. Danielle provided me with a perfect model of a professional interpreter. I am very thankful for the time I was able to learn from her. -- Harmony Swayne

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